Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology Vol.4 Issue.3



War- Immigration – Flowers in The Pots: A Psychoanalytic Essay

Savaş-Göç-Saksıdaki Çiçekler: Psikanalitik Bir Deneme


Zihniye Okray1


War is as old human history. War always produce unwanted economic, social, political results but the most devastating effect of war is undoubtedly its psychological damage. Long term psychological effects and the risk of developing psychopathology that produced by war were studied and documented since World War I in clinical psychology and psychoanalytic literature. Most common psychopathology that was due to war is post-traumatic stress disorder. Albeit depressive disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and substance related disorders are also very common and have high prevalence again in war inflicted psychopathologies. Not only the physical uprootedness from a familiar place due to war and displacement the psychic uprootedness can be considered as a cause of psychopathologies. Psychic pain that cannot be cured and even cannot be recognized by the victims of war and displacement may lead to develop certain patterns of behaviors, thoughts, actions, emotions and strikingly a certain life style and fears that can be again considered as common. In this manuscript two cases were presented who had two wars in their childhood and the long-term psychological effects almost exactly the same in their adulthood lives. Uprootedness and psychic pain subsided from time to time, the negative impact of war never faded. The actions developed by the patients in adulthood are the result of war neurosis and traumatic events.

Keywords: War, Immigration, Cyprus, uprootedness, psychic pain

1Prof, European University of Lefke, Department of Psychology, Lefke-TRNC,, Orcid İd: 0000-0002-9117-4991

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Citing/Referans Gösterimi: Okray, Z. (2022). War- Immigration – Flowers in The Pots: A Psychoanalytic Essay, Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology, 4(3): 288-293

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