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Vol: 4, Issue: 3, September 2022



Mehmet Çakıcı

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Research Articles

Mental Health, Loneliness and Social Support during COVID-19 Pandemic among International University Students in North Cyprus

Gloria Manyeruke1, Deniz Ergün2

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Being pregnant in Covid-19: Fear of Giving Birth, Fear of Covid-19, and Marital Adjustment

Ezgi Ulu1, Tuba Ertunç2

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The Relationship of Covıd-19 Related Anxiety with Positive and Negative Emotions of Individuals

Büşra Özdoğan1, Gökben Hızlı Sayar2, Hüseyin Ünübol3

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Adaptation of the Self-Report Aggression and Social Behavior Measure

Seda Erzi1

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Emerging Adults’ Perceived Life Skills, Self – Regulation, Emotional Regulation, Helicopter Parenting and Autonomy Supportive Behaviours

Cansu Hazal Güçlü1, H. Kübra Özdoğan2, Figen Çok3

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Investigation of the Relationship Between Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Future Anxiety by Canonical Correlation Analysis

Ahmet Türk1, Meral Öztürk2, Veda Bilican Gökkaya3

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The Relationship of Forgiveness and Tolerance with Depression in Women

Hilal Seki Öz1

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Review Article

The Role of MicroRNAs in Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia

Elif Betül Kagızman1, Orcun Avsar2

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Case Report