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Research Articles

The Role of Socio-Economic Status, Mother’s Psychopathology, Reflective Functioning and Emotion Socialization on Toddlers’ Behavior Problems

Afra Selcen Taşdelen1, Asiye Kumru2, Gizem Arıkan3

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Investigation of the Relationship between Muscle Dysmorphia Disorder, Orthorexia Nervosa, and Motivation in Male Individuals Engaged in Bodybuilding Sports

Hüseyin Abraş1, Deniz Erdağ2, Ayşe Buran3

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Post-Traumatic Growth Experiences of Individuals Having Completed Treatment For Coronavirus: A Qualitative Study

Adeviye Aydın1, Yunus Kaya2

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The Reliability and Validity Study of the Reasonability of Prosocial Lie Test – Child Form

Muhammed Şükrü Aydın 1, Sema Karakelle 2, Asiye Kumru 3

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Examination of Relationship of Eating Disorders with Childhood Traumas and Life Satisfaction

Sultan Okumuşoğlu 1

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Examining the Relationship of Cyberbullying and Victimization among Adolescents with Peer Relationships and Self-Concept

Ezgi Taştekin1, Pınar Bayhan 2

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Relationship Satisfaction and Attributıon Types Relationship: The Mediating Role of Positive and Negative Emotion

Gizem Özen1, Ferzan Curun2

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Father Education Program: An Experimental Study

Yasemin Sorakın1, Yağmur Çerkez2

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Evaluation of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in Non-clinic Turkish Sample Using Item Response Theory Analysis

Arkun Tatar1, Didem Ayhan2

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Housewife Burnout and Somatization: Predictors of Depression

Selin Karaköse1, Ayşe Nehir Ulusoy2

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