Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) for articles submitted as of May 26, 2022. APC will be paid before the article enters the peer-review process. After the article application is submitted, if the plagiarism and preliminary evaluation result of the journal editor is positive, the APC payment will be made before the article starts the referee evaluation process. Informing e-mails are sent from the editorial office for the authors to pay APC. The referee evaluation process starts after APC is paid. No fee is paid before the notification e-mail arrives. After the APC payment, the referee evaluation process of the article begins. In this process, an informative message is sent to the authors by the editorial office.

“Article Processing Charge” (APC) is a model developed for publishing academic / scientific articles and making them open access. This fee: It can also be expressed as the fees paid by the author to the publisher for the processes performed in the process of an article sent to the journal for evaluation and publication (reviewing, editing, spelling and spelling), and for the subsequent article that is kept in the publication and is offered free of charge to the readers (open access).

When an author pays an article fee, his article becomes Open Access according to the so-called Gold Open Access model. According to this model, the fee to be collected from the reader is paid by the author due to open access.

The Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology publishes its articles according to the Golden Open Access model.