Body Image, Muscle Dysmorphia and Narcissistic Characteristics of Bodybuilder Males in TRNC

Bingül Subaşı Harmancı1, Zihniye Okray2

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Why Do We Procrastinate? A Psychodrama Study with A Group of University Students

Tuğba Durmuş1, Güzin Uğur Atalay2, Osman Özdel3

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The Relationship between Intolerance of Uncertainty and the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Levels of Nursing Students during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Sibel Şentürk1, Nazife Bakır2

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Parental Control and Relational Aggression in Adolescence: Mediator Role of Emotion Regulation

Seda Erzi1, Havva Ekşi2

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The Burnout and Loneliness Levels of Housewives in Home-Quarantine during Covid-19 Pandemic

Veysel Kaplan

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Evaluation of the Relationship between Burnout and Psychological Symptoms among Staff Working with Individuals with Disabilities and Elderly

Meltem Oral1, Nurgül Karakurt 2

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A Meta-Analysis Study on Gender Differences in Psychological Resilience Levels

Ayşe Gök1, Esin Yılmaz Koğar2

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From Marcia to the Present: A Review in the Context of Status and Process Models

Meva Demir Kaya1, Figen Çok2

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