Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology Vol.3 Issue.2



From Marcia to the Present: A Review in the Context of Status and Process Models

Marcia’dan Günümüze: Statü ve Süreç Modelleri Bağlamında Bir Derleme


Meva Demir Kaya1, Figen Çok2


Marcia’s Identity Status Theory, based on Erikson’s views, is the basis for many identity studies. Although identity status is the best known among the statuses that Marcia has defined, there are statuses specific to each stage from advanced adolescence to old age. Since the statuses in question are based on the narratives of individuals through semi-structured interview forms, the narrative identity approach, which is a fairly new field in identity studies, draws attention. The narrative identity approach, which has functions such as personal purpose, integrity and creating meaning, is based on Erikson’s studies as in other identity studies. In this context, Marcia discussed both the narrative identity approach based on Erikson’s views and the explanations of Erikson’s identity development. On the other hand, models influenced by Marcia’s views and focused on the process in identity development in recent years also provide up-to-date information on identity literature. Therefore, in this study, firstly, each of the statuses in psychosocial stages is discussed, and then the theoretical basis for the narrative identity approach is presented. Finally, there are a five-dimensional identity formation model and a three-dimensional identity development model that deal with identity in the context of the process.

Keywords: Status in Psychosocial Stages, Narrative İdentity, Process Models

1 Asst. Prof. Dr., Ataturk University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Psychology, Erzurum-Turkey,.Orcid İd: 0000-0002-1174-6305

1 Prof. Dr., Baskent University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Ankara-Turkey,. Orcid İd: 0000-0003-2406-1345

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Citing/Referans Gösterimi: From Marcia to the Present: A Review in the Context of Status and Process Models, Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry Kaya, D.M., Çok, F. (2021). & Psychology, 3(2): 144-152.

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