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Exploring the Role of Digital Social Pressure on Smartphone Addiction

Akıllı Telefon Bağımlılığı Üzerinde Dijital Sosyal Baskının Rolünü Keşfetmek


Ali Dula1, Şakir Güler2


People who do not use 21st-century technologies, especially smartphones, are unconsciously encouraged by the network society to use these technologies. Therefore, today, people are not only using digital technologies but are also exposed to social pressure due to digital interaction networks. Therefore, one of the important factors behind smartphone addiction is the digital social pressure felt in society. However, research examining the role of digital social pressure is very limited. In order to contribute to the limited literature in question, this research explores the effect of digital social pressure on smartphone addiction with the Structural Equation Model. Thus, it provides empirical evidence to the literature. The sample of the study consists of 620 people selected by the cluster sampling method. Data were collected with a questionnaire including Personal Information Form, Digital Social Pressure Scale and Smartphone Addiction Scale. In order to show the causal relationship between the variables, the data were analyzed with SEM. The results show that digital social pressure has a very strong positive effect on smartphone addiction. As the level of education increases, digital social pressure increases and smartphone addiction decreases. People involuntarily use messaging applications such as Whatsapp/Telegram intensively. Organizing various trainings to prevent digital social pressure is very important to reduce the negative effects of smartphone addiction. Thus, individual and social well-being can be improved.

Keywords: digital social pressure, smart phone addiction, social media

*This study was accepted as oral presentation in congress: 2nd Current Issues in Business and Economic Studies, London UK, 2022.

1PhD, AAB University, Faculty of Komunikimit Masiv, Department of Gazetari, Prishtinë-Kosovo, Orcid; 0000-0003-3988-2824

2Assoc. Prof., Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Communication, Isparta-Turkey,, Orcid; 0000-0002-7365-6639

Address of Correspondence/Yazışma Adresi: Şakir Güler, Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Communication, Isparta-Turkey, E-mail:

Date of Received/Geliş Tarihi: 02.08.2022, Date of Revision/Düzeltme Tarihi: 19.09.2022, Date of Acceptance/Kabul Tarihi: 13.10.2022, Date of Online Publication/Çevirimiçi Yayın Tarihi: 27.10.2022

Citing/Referans Gösterimi: Dula, A. & Güler, Ş.  (2022). Exploring the Role of Digital Social Pressure on Smartphone Addiction, Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology, 1-9, Published Online October 27, 2022. Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.01

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