Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology Vol.2 Issue.3



A Review on the Phenomenon of Interpersonal Dependency

Kişilerarası Bağımlılık Fenomeni Üzerine Bir Derleme

Tubanur Çelik İskifoğlu1, Gökhan İskifoğlu2       


The basic purpose of the current research study is to conduct a review on interpersonal dependency, which is considered in behavioral dependency as a subdivision of the general subject of dependency. Within the main frame of this subject, the secondary aim is to take attention on the interpersonal dependency which was not frequently studied in our culture. Regarding this purpose, this review study has put a great emphasis on explanations and interpretations with respect to strategies to cope with dependency in relation to the types of dependency. According to the specified notion, interpersonal dependency is only a sort of dependency categorized under the general notion of dependency, which was not studied well enough in the literature of Turkish context. Individuals who suffer from interpersonal dependency usually believe that this is their fate and they prefer to live with that in order to get professional support, which, in turn, make life harder both for themselves and for significant others in their lives. For that reason, the effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was also reviewed to bring deeper insight into possible precautions to prevent individuals from the negative effects of interpersonal dependency.

Key Words: Dependency, Behavioral Dependency, Interpersonal Dependency, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


1MSc., Guide and Psychological Counselor, Cyprus Social Sciences University, Orcid İd: 0000-0002-7661-205X

2Assist. Prof. Dr. European University of Lefke, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Orcid İd: 0000-0001-8119-4254

Address of Correspondence/Yazışma Adresi: Cyprus Social Sciences University Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Haspolat, Cyprus, E-mail:

Date of Received/Geliş Tarihi: 10.06.2020, Date of Revision/Düzeltme Tarihi: 06.08.2020, Date of Acceptance/Kabul Tarihi: 10.06.2020, Date of Online Publication/Çevirimiçi Yayın Tarihi: 27.08.2020

Citing/Referans Gösterimi: Çelik İskifoğlu, T., İskifoğlu, G. (2020). A Review on the Phenomenon of Interpersonal Dependency, Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology, 2(3): 187-191


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