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Vol: 4, Issue: 4, December 2022


Mehmet Çakıcı

>Abstract      >PDF        >Doi: 10.35365/ctjpp.22.04

Research Articles

Exploring the Role of Digital Social Pressure on Smartphone Addiction

Ali Dula1, Şakir Güler2

>Abstract     >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.01       >XML        >HTML

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a North Cyprus Household Adult Cross-Sectional Study

Asra Babayiğit1, Mehmet Çakıcı2

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.02       >XML        >HTML

Relationship of Cognitive Control and Flexibility with Anxiety among Nursing Students in the Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study

Burcu Bayrak Kahraman1, Sevinç Mersin2, Aysun Acun3

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.03      >XML        >HTML

The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation Difficulties in the Relationship Between Eating Attitudes and Depressive Symptoms

Pınar Cevizci1, Miray Akyunus2

>Abstract      >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.04      >XML        >HTML

The Mediating Role of Self-Consciousness in the Relationship Between Authenticity and Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults

Nuran Odabaşı1, Ferzan Curun2

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.05     >XML        >HTML

During the Coronavirus Pandemic Period Examining Family Resilience by Mothers Risk Factors

Gülçin Karadeniz1

>Abstract      >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.06      >XML        >HTML

Effect of Psychodrama on Fibromyalgia Patients’ Pain Levels, Quality of Life, and Skills of Expressing Emotions

Özlem Şener1

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.07          >XML        >HTML

Cell phone-based mindfulness interventions for smoking cessation: Randominised control study

Fadime Tülücü1

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.08          >XML        >HTML

Post Traumatic Growth in Mothers and Fathers of Children with Special Needs

Gülşen Filizoğlu Çokluk1

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.09          >XML        >HTML

Review Article

A Systematic Examination of Animal Assisted Interventions for Disadvantaged Groups

Seda Topgül1

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.10       >XML        >HTML

Performance Evaluation in Schools: A Meta-analysis Study

Fatma Köprülü1, Behçet Öznacar2

>Abstract       >PDF       >Doi:10.35365/ctjpp.22.4.11       >XML        >HTML