Normal Grief and Unresolved Grief in Cancer Patient’s Relatives and Effective Approaches and Oncologists’ Coping Ways of Burnout

Kanser Hasta Yakınında Normal Yas Süreci, Çözümlenmeyen Yas ve Etkili Yaklaşımlar ile Onkologların Tükenmişlik Yönetimindeki Baş Etme Yöntemleri


Grief is a natural emotional process that arise after any kind of loss. This process can arise with an objective transition, such as the disappearance of a beloved item or a health threat. Cancer disease can trigger the grief process with many physical and emotional changes in the life of the person as soon as he hears it. This process can even develop similarly to the patient. The grief process can turn out of the “normal grief” process and turn into an “unresolved grief” process in so many situations. It is important to recognize the grieving process and to benefit from effective psychological approaches in order to manage the feelings and difficulties experienced in the grief process with health. One of the most important members of the treatment team is oncologists. It is important for oncologists to be aware of the possible burnout syndrome and to cope well in order to be productive and communicate well with patients’ relatives. The aim of this review is to explain the normal and unresolved mourning processes that cancer patients’ relatives can experience with the death of the patient and to inform them about effective approaches. The purpose of the review’s information on oncologists is to raise awareness about burnout syndrome, which may affect their professional performance, and to enable them to benefit from the effective techniques mentioned in the possible situation.

Keywords: Cancer, Cancer Patient Relatives, Normal Grief, Unresolved Grief, Cognitive Therapy, Grief Recovery Program, Expressive Supportive Approach, Unresolved Grief Therapy

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