Research Articles

Creative Mindsets Scale: Turkish Validity and Reliability

Sema Karakelle1, Seda Saraç2

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The Mediating Role of Self-Control and Goal Striving in the Relationship Between Need Satisfaction, Life Goals and Internet Addiction

Sena Güme1, Ali Eryılmaz2

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Evaluation of Self-Esteem, Emotional Eating, Eating Attitude, Depression and Anxiety Levels Before and After Bariatric Surgery: A One-Year Follow-Up Study

Sema Nur Türkoğlu Dikmen1, Şengül İlkay2, Yasir Şafak3

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Initial Adaptation Study of COVID-19 Peritraumatic Distress Index (CPDI) to Turkish Sample

Funda Kocaay1, Fatih Yığman2, Nursemin Unal3, Fulya Barış Pekmezci4

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The Role of Self Compassion and Mindful Eating in Predicting Eating Attitudes: A Comparatative Study

Kübra Yalın1, Selin Karaköse2

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Investigation of the Psychological Resilience of Health Sciences Students in Terms of Some Variables in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ezgi Dirgar1, Betül Tosun1, Katalin Papp2, Buğlem Kadriye Dolanbay1, Nermin Olgun1, Nurten Özen3

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Investigation of Activities of Daily Living and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Levels of COVID-19 Patients: A Descriptive Study

Betül Tosun1, İsmail Dusak2, Nursemin Unal3, Serap Güngör4, Nuran Tosun5

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A Study to Examine the Relationship Between Fear of COVID-19, Psychological Resilience, and Life Satisfaction

Nurullah Yelboğa1, Salih Aydın2, Abdullah Işık3

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Those Who Could Not Quit Smoking After Receiving Polyclinic Service Availability of Support After One Year Reassessment

Abdülkadir Deniz1, Safiye Özvurmaz2, Seyfi Durmaz3

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