Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology Vol.3 Issue.2

Mehmet Çakıcı


We are immensely proud to publish a new issue of the Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology. Our journal is growing and developing every time. Of course, we also experience new information and experiences. Applications to our journal are also growing every year. Already, the number of articles received in the whole of last year, even without publishing this issue, has exceeded the previous year. As such, our journal has been publishing 3 issues a year in the last two years, but as of this year, it has come to the point of publishing 4 issues a year. There are also articles from writers from a wide variety of regions and different nations. This creates the opportunity to present different scientific studies to the readers of our journal. The quality of the articles is also increasing day by day. This makes us more selective about the articles and allows the publication of scientific articles with higher scientific quality. With the format change we made, especially in the last 2 issues of our journal, we increased the presentation feature of the journal to the highest point. When we examine the number of citations received by the journal articles, we expect that the metric values will be high as of the end of this year. Another feature of our journal is that a new index is added to each issue. Therefore, we reach more readers. One of the issues that excites us and makes us happy the most as we enter this issue is the evaluation and acceptance of our journal by SCOPUS. From now on, we will continue to improve our efforts to ensure that our journal is included in other indexes. We will continue to produce science and inform scientists in these days when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the world in the strongest way with different variants. In this direction, we think that it is necessary to provide a better understanding by giving priority to studies aimed at understanding the psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because we are of the opinion that there is not only a Covid-19 pandemic in the world today, but also a pandemic of mental health disorders. We fully believe that our June 2021 issue will be an issue that our readers will enjoy and benefit from in this period of difficulties all over the world.


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