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Sağlık Çalışanlarında Depresif, Anksiyete ve Somatik Belirtileri ile Algılanan Covid-19 Tehdidinin Belirlenmesi


Elif Dönmez1, İlknur Dolu2, Hakan Karaş3


This study aimed to determine symptoms of depressive, anxiety and somatic and perceived threat of coronavirus disease among health care workers. The study was conducted in Istanbul. 315 health care workers who completed the online questionnaire included in the study. Measurement tools consisted of a questionnaire including items to define perceived level of coronavirus disease of participants and questions about demographic characteristics and Patient Health Questionnare-9, Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7, and Patient Health Questionnaire-15. It was determined that somatic symptoms were clinically significantly high in 37.8% of the healthcare workers and it is followed by depression symptoms in 34% and anxiety symptoms in 23.5% respectively. The results showed that 77.8% of participants felt coronavirus disease as a life-threatening situation and 95.6% of them worried about being infected. Although worrying about being infected by coronavirus affected symptoms of depressive, anxiety and somatic, feeling life-threatening of coronavirus disease affected symptoms of anxiety and somatic. The factors associated with depression were following; females (OR, 3.85, p= 0.001), being married (OR, 2.35, P=0.049), and no physical exercise (OR, 3.02, p=0.008).  As to somatic symptoms, being female (OR, 2.63, p= 0.013), living alone (OR, 2.66, p=0.016), having chronic diseases (OR, 4.31, p= 0.000), and no physical exercise (OR, 2.33, p=0.025) were found as the risk factors. Early psychosocial and psychotherapeutic interventions to these groups that have risk factors in terms of psychiatric symptoms might be beneficial in preventing the development of psychiatric symptoms in healthcare workers during outbreak.

Keywords: Depression, anxiety, somatization, perceived threat


1PhD., MScN., RN., Assistant Professor, University of Health Sciences, Nursing Faculty, Oncology Nursing Department, Istanbul-Turkey, Orcid İd:

2PhD., MScN., RN., Assistant Professor, Bartin University, Faculty of Health Science, Bartın-Turkey, Orcid İd:

3 PhD., MD., Assistant Professor, Istanbul Gelisim University, Department of Psychology, Istanbul-Turkey, Orcid İd:

Address of Correspondence/Yazışma Adresi: Bartin University, Faculty of Health Science, Bartın-Turkey, E-mail:

Date of Received/Geliş Tarihi: 22.04.2021, Date of Revision/Düzeltme Tarihi: 08.06.2021, Date of Acceptance/Kabul Tarihi: 14.07.2021, Date of Online Publication/Çevirimiçi Yayın Tarihi: 01.09.2021

Citing/Referans Gösterimi: Dönmez, E., Dolu, İ. & Karaş, H.  (2021). Determination of Symptoms of Depressive, Anxiety and Somatic and Perceived Threat of COVID-19 Among Health Care Workers, Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology, 3(3): 165-74.

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