Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology Vol.3 Issue.1


Analysis of the Relationship of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acculturation in Adult Individuals: The Lefkoşa Sample

Erişkin Bireylerde Travma Sonrasi Stres Bozukluğu Ve Akültürasyon İlişkisinin İncelenmesi: Lefkoşa Örneklemi


Dudu Karaoğulları1, Ayhan Çakıcı Eş2


The aim of the study is to examine the prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), risk factors and its relationship with acculturation in TRNC. In May 2020, 333 individuals between the ages of 18-88, who were selected by the quota multi-step randomized sampling method, were included in the Lefkoşa region in TRNC. Socio-demographic Information form, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Scale and Culture Attitudes Scale (CAS) were used as data collection tools. The prevalence of PTSD in the Nicosia region was found to be 25.5%. In the study to be born in Turkey, loneliness, physical illness, the presence of psychiatric disorders and PTSD were identified as risk factors in the formation of the alcohol. Both Turkey and the Cyprus-born individuals, the KTO subscale mean scores of groups with and without PTSD Scale examined Mann Whitney U test, but no significant difference was found. Among the Cyprus and Turkey born individuals, correlation between PTSD Scale and CAS subscales mean scores could not be determined any significant relationship. In the TRNC, it can be thought that the fact that the Lefkoşa Region stands out as the most intense inter-communal conflict zone in the past may cause a high rate of trauma. Thus, more intense trauma history was determined among the Cyprus born individuals compared with Turkey born individuals. The pre-war events of 1974 and the events of 1963 were traumatic events that caused severe traumatic wounds for Turkish Cypriots.

Key Words: Trauma, Acculturation, Risk Factors, Prevalence, PTSD


1MSc., Department of Psychology, Institute of Mental Health Nicosia – Cyprus..Orcid İd: 0000-0002-3198-0078

2Assis. Prof., Department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance, University of Kyrenia, Kyrenia-Cyprus,. Orcid İd: 0000-0002-5882-4892

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Citing/Referans Gösterimi: Karaoğulları, D., Çakıcı Eş, A.  (2021). Analysis of The Relationship of Post-Trauma Stress Disorder and Acculturation in Adult Individuals: The Nicosia Sample., Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry & Psychology, 3(1): 3-12

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